Welcome to Talk the Walk

Let's talk art and art walks from the comfort of our homes.

About Us

This is a private, free community network for a loosely connected group of artists and art lovers. We miss art walks, seeing art, and bumping into each other, in Seattle, or anywhere there are art walks. You too? Join us!

This is an alternative place to drop by, start a conversation, post work that inspired you, or ask a question. You never know where a chance comment or connection can lead! 

Join Us

To talk art and shows, find art to see, connect with other artists and support them, while or whenever we can't get together in person. Invite anyone you're missing who's not here yet. Click the "Request to Join" button -- it's free, private, and all about art. 

Thank You

For being willing to share and connect while we're hunkering down. To everyone who's heard a version of this idea and shared their own ideas for what could work -- thank you so much! 

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